About us


Association des psychothérapeutes du Québec


The role of the APQ is to ensure that psychotherapy is provided with favourable conditions to increase its contribution in the field of mental and public health in Quebec. Although it has an axis for equality and equity in all professional statuses, it aims above all to bring people together in the practice and needs of the various practitioners.


The Association des psychothérapeutes du Québec’s mission statement is to:

  • Bring together psychotherapists and recognize their professional identity
  • Support the diversity of psychotherapeutic practices and approaches


The APQ’s mission is based on the following values that form the basis of its actions:

  • Fairness: Fair treatment for all psychotherapy practitioners, in respecting each one of its members.
  • Diversity: An openness to others, to the diversity of practices, approaches and multitude of expertise. At the APQ, we believe that psychotherapy will remain rich and alive by being represented by diverse professions and academic profiles, reflecting the diversity of the clientele.
  • Accessibility: Accessibility to psychotherapy for the entire population, including free choice allowing clients to select the therapist that is right for them, without being penalized for reimbursement of services.
  • Solidarity: Solidarity with those who practice psychotherapy. The APQ specifically ensures that licensees can participate in developing the practice of psychotherapy.
  • Expertise: Psychotherapists are experts who have acquired the knowledge and skills to practice psychotherapy.