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Province Title Law Responsible Agency
Nova Scotia Registered Counselling Therapist Counselling Therapists Regulations (2011) Nova Scotia College of Counselling Therapists (NSCCT)
New Brunswick Certified Counseling Therapist Legislation governing the registered counseling therapist (2017) The College of Counseling Therapists of New Brunswick
Ontario Registered psychotherapist Psychotherapy Act (2007) Ordre des psychothérapeutes autorisés de l’Ontario (OPAO) / College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO)
Québec Legislation of the Psychotherapist Permit (2012) Règlement sur le permis de psychothérapeute (2012) Ordre des psychologues du Québec (OPQ)
Alberta Coming soon In progress  (november 2017) Federation of Associations for Counselling Therapists (FACT)

Visit the website of Office des professions which refers to applicable legislation:


Visit the website of Ordre des psychologues du Québec which mandate is to apply regulations in the issuance of licences to practice psychotherapy:




According the Thesaurus of the Government activity, psychotherapy is a “therapeutic method […] that uses psychological means for treating psychic or somatic disorders.

In other words, it is the treatment of the human being by psychological means known to generate functional changes in the person, in the presence of significant suffering or dysfunction. Psychotherapy therefore aims to guide and support the suffering individual towards a lasting well-being.

In Quebec. the law defines psychotherapy as follows:

Psychological treatment for a mental disorder, behavioral disturbances or any problem that causes psychological suffering or distress, that is intended to promote significant changes in the client’s cognitive, emotional or behavioral functioning, within their interpersonal system their interpersonal system, personality or health. This treatment goes beyond helping to deal with common difficulties or a relationship based on advice or support.

In June 2018, the professional bodies in mental health and human relations published the document L’exercice de la psychothérapie et des interventions qui s’y apparentent to provide significant clarifications on the practice of psychotherapy while legitimized the range of related interventions that are recognized in mental health and human relations. The document clearly situates the role of professionals in all care and services ans values their specific contribution in an interdisciplinary purpose.

The professional College, regardless of the profession it represents, sets rules and legislation to protect the public against harm which may be caused by professionals.

The professional association, on the other hand, represents the rights and interests of professionals. It also promotes the profession itself.

For example, we can find the “Quebec Chiropractic College” and the Quebec Chiropractic Association”.

The APQ follows the same logic. giving its psychotherapists members a place of gathering ans various resources surrounding psychotherapy. In addition, it ensures that psychotherapy benefits from the best conditions to contribute to mental and public health in Quebec.